The 15 Most Famous Iconic Highways in the World

Going on an adventure with a motorcycle, car or van is a plan that is on the minds of those who love to drive and travel. Let’s not talk anymore in the months of good weather, which is the most prone time to do this type of thing in the best company. In other words: doing a route through spectacular roads, either because of its layout or what is around it, is a delight for many people.

Thinking of all those who have thought of doing it, at AutoUsaPremium we have prepared a list with the 15 most famous and iconic roads in the world. In this way, you will already know which places you can go to spend it like dwarves on your favorite means of transport.

You are going to freak out with them: the 15 most illustrious roads

Once this introduction has been completed, it is time to go to the nougat and talk, one by one, about the roads that we have all heard of at some point and that make travelers who cross them meaningless.

1. Pacific Coast Highway (United States)

Located on the west coast of the United States, the Pacific Coast Highway is a movie location. With more than 1,000 kilometers of travel, its birth dates from the year 1934 and crosses the Pacific Coastfor this it has as its starting point Dana Point, a place located south of Los Angeles, and its end reaches the town of Leggett, in North Carolina, very close to the city of San Francisco to the north.

Through its itinerary you can see places like the Big Sur region, full of mountainous landscapes that emerge from the Pacific Ocean, the coastal city of Santa Barbara or the Monterey Peninsula.

2. The Overseas Highway (United States)

In Florida you can find the Overseas Highway, which offers stunning views of the sea. It is a road that, for its construction, used 42 bridges over water in the area of ​​Cayos of said state. However, in summer it is usually saturated by traffic and the traffic jams are constant, but what it offers around it will surely cure any frustration while you are stopped. That being said, if any of you live nearby or would love to travel to this part of the US country, we highly recommend it.

3. Stelvio Pass (Italy)

We traveled to the Old Continent to talk about the Stelvio Pass, a place to which an Alfa Romeo car with that name refers. Well, in the transalpine country you can cross this path that, as a peculiarity, It is located at an altitude of 2,757 meters, to which must be added its 48 hairpin bends between the points of Valtellina and Merano, ramps that leave anyone stunned and very narrow sections that bring a dose of emotion to driving. If you are mountain lovers, there is no doubt that the landscape with which it lives will enchant you.

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4. North Coast 500 (Scotland, UK)

Although it does not have the best climate in the world, the United Kingdom can boast of an incredible road such as the North Coast 500. In its more than 800 kilometers of travel, the traveler can contemplate endless green landscapes that will make them fall in love . It is located on the northern coast of the British country and has its starting and ending point in the city of Inverness. To tell the truth, it is like a loop due to the latter that has just been commented on and it must also be said that it is very young, since it was launched in 2015.

5. Transfagarasan (Romania)

The TV show Top Gear has given a lot of hype and prominence to Transfagarasan, a road located in Romania that connects the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia. In 2009 it was proclaimed the best road in the world.. In its northern part it bears some similarities with the Stelvio Pass, since it contains sharp curves, others in the shape of an S and changes in height that will make you freak out.

Also, stop by Vlad Tepes Castle, colloquially known as Count Dracula’s. However, between the months of October and June it is usually full of snow and closed, so summer is the best time to enjoy it.

6. Great Ocean Road (Australia)

We are going to the Antipodes of the world to talk about the Great Ocean Road, which is located on the southeastern coast of Australia, specifically in the state of Victoria. This route connects the cities of Torquay and Allansford and, along 243 kilometres, offers impressive views of coastal landscapes that make you fall in love.

In addition, it usually hosts cycling races and marathons, and it has a very important story behind it, and that is that It was built by soldiers between the years 1919 and 1932 and was dedicated to the fallen in the First World War.

7. The Troll’s Ladder (Norway)

Not only the fjords are an attraction in Norway, but also this road with such a fairy tale name. The Troll’s Staircase, also called Trollstigen, is characterized by its steep aspect in the middle of a twisty and irregular road. It was inaugurated in 1936 and, along its route, you can see very tight curves, a steep 9% slope whose difficulty attracts the brave, eleven 180 degree curves and the top where it culminates. On this top you can see the Stigfossen waterfallabout 320 meters of fall, so the views are impressive.

8. The road of death (Bolivia)

South America is an area where there are also impressive roads. The road to death in Bolivia is one of them thanks to its only narrow lane that does not exceed three meters wide at many points and, in case of carelessness, the traveler can fall about 800 meters vertically. It is not surprising that in 1995 it was declared the most dangerous road in the world. However, it does not usually receive a lot of traffic, so it is reserved for those travelers who seek strong emotions.

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9. Karakoram (Pakistan-China)

Between the Chinese city of Xinjiang and the north of Pakistan runs this mountain range and its road which, as a detail, has the honor of being the highest paved road on the planet, since it in one of its steps it reaches 4,693 meters of altitude. Its route consists, nothing more and nothing less, of 1,200 kilometers that correspond to the old silk route.

Among the landscapes that can be observed during your tour include glaciers, as well as places of the size of towns ideal for making a stop, and even the K2 peak that is snow-capped. It is certainly not for the faint of heart.

10. Tail of the Dragon (United States)

Called Dragon’s Tail for its twisty route, it has 18 kilometers in which the states of Tennesse and North Carolina communicate.. It is located in the mountain pass called Deals Gap, where some 318 curves can be drawn. Normally people who are passionate about cars and motorcycles go there to do routes. That being said, if you are a biker, or you like to go off-roading, and you ever travel to the United States, you have to visit it.

11. Hringvegur (Iceland)

Hringvegur, also called the Ring Road, is the main road in Iceland as it encircles the entire island. Like the road to death, it has a single lane, except for the most populated sites. However, there are sections that still have to be paved. The main goodness that it offers are the landscapes that the traveler who travels through it can enjoy, with geysers, volcanoes and everything that makes this country a claim for travelers. His thing is to do it in ten days, so it is a good vacation plan for those of you who are curious to know this country.

12. Hakone Toll (Japan)

Colloquially called the Japanese Nürburgring, Hakone is the most popular highway in Japan. It is a toll highway that contains a 14-kilometre route that borders, at some points, 1,000 meters above sea level. It has speed limits, but competition lovers have one of their meccas here thanks to those made of drift and Hill Climb or mountain climbs.

13. Qingdao Bay Bridge (China)

In the Asian giant there is also a road that has an impact, such as the Qingdao Bay Bridge, which connects this town precisely with Huangdao. It contains about 42.5 kilometers of route through which you can enjoy incredible views of the sea on both sides.

14. Chapman’s Peak (South Africa)

In Africa is this wonder called Chapman’s Peak, very close to Cape Town in South Africa. It must be said that its name refers to a mountain in the area, although its strong point is the coastal road that runs for nine kilometers between beautiful landscapes where the mountains and the sea come together.

15. Sa Calobra (Spain)

This road is located on the island of Mallorca, which, in turn, facilitates access to a cove that is also called that. Sa Calobra is defined by a very narrow route full of curves and slopes of 13 kilometers and located in the Sierra de Tramontana. It was finished building in 1932 and was screwed to the stone walls through which it moves. In summer it is very busy, so spring or autumn may be more suitable times to cross it.

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