The 10 Best car Rental Websites

When there is no owned vehicle with which to move where necessary, renting is a great idea to solve that problem and need. This problem and need is so common that many companies have seen a business opportunity and offer a series of models so that whoever needs it can contract a leasing service for a specific period of time.

After saying all this, in AutoUsaPremium we announce that, throughout this new entry, we are going to talk about the 10 best car rental websites that you can find on the net. In this way, whenever you need a means of transport with which to move, you will have a solution as quickly as possible.

They will save you when you need it: the 10 best car rental websites

After this brief introduction, it is time to get to the point and explain, one by one, each protagonist that will appear in the following lines, with their pros and cons, so we recommend that you take note to hit the day you have what to hire

1. Europcar

With more than 70 years in the world of renting, Europcar is one of the largest vehicle networks with more than 200,000 in its fleet which, in turn, are spread over 3,000 geographical points that are located throughout 160 countries.

Among its advantages, we must highlight its customer service 24 hours a day, the fact that its service can be contracted from an airport and, on its website, it has destinations abroad in accordance with the right to the free circulation of vehicles, and that you can rent a car with unlimited mileage, and even your rate comes with protection against damage and theft so that the traveler can enjoy the experience with absolute peace of mind.

If there is something negative to say about Europcar, it is probably that fuel policies and their extra costs are not detailed at the time of contracting the service.


RentalCars, like Europcar, is present in 160 countries on the planet. Mainly, it is characterized by offering an easy-to-use and clean design that allows the user to navigate fluently and comfortably. This is also made possible by its search engine, it has the ability to display a large number of results for each query made by Internet users.

One of its advantages is that it offers cheaper rates than its own provider, which is not common to see in the car rental industry. There is no lack of 24-hour customer service, nor are the following advantages that are going to be mentioned below: guarantee, reliability, commissions, free rental cancellation, offers that are different from those of the competition and an area of ​​users in which you can manage reservations. If there is something negative that can be said about her, it is that she is an intermediary and, therefore, the cars she offers are not strictly hers.

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PepeCar is the car rental company owned by the telephone company Pepephone, funny right? The truth is that in recent times it has partnered with various companies to make cars available to users around the world. In addition, it is one of the cheapest options when compared to the rest of the players with which it competes in this market.

As in the aforementioned, it offers customer service seven days a week, as well as specific offers and a user area. When looking for the best option to rent, its configurator gives you a choice between a multitude of types of cars: small, medium, sedans, family cars, vans with more than six seats in the passenger compartment or even luxury models. One thing that must be highlighted in PepeCar is the use that it gives to social networks, very frequent and that allows the Internet user to find out instantly about everything it offers.


Also called Rent a car, it constitutes one of the most important Spanish companies, the proof of this is that it has a fleet made up of hundreds of vehicles that are distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, whether they are SUVs, vans, utility vehicles and even passenger cars. company. In addition, it does not apply charges when making changes to the reservation and, occasionally, offers discounts of 15 percent.

The filters that it offers in the user search are also a blessing, and it is that they can delimit the results based on the company, the qualification obtained by the supplier, the location, the fuel policy and the properties and size of the vehicle. However, it is essential to pay attention to the “important information” tab, since it contains details such as the deposit, mileage, excess and any age restrictions that may exist.


Skyscanner is a portal that, unlike the previous ones, is dedicated to comparing offers and prices from different car rental companies, so that it recommends the best alternatives to the user, putting them in order according to their amount. Its modus operandi consists of redirecting the user to the company’s website once the desired vehicle has been chosen to, now, proceed to formalize the reservation directly.

One of its benefits is that it does not charge a commission to the user through commissions, as well as its interface that is so easy to use and intuitive in equal parts. Having said all this, if what you want, in addition to choosing the best possible option, is to save money, Skyscanner should be part of your list of saved and favorite websites to consult when you go to rent a car.


Like the web that has just been discussed, Mytripcar is also a rental car comparator. However, it is distinguished by analyzing the potential additional costs that the Internet user may encounter when picking up the vehicle, which results in a multiplication of the initial cost corresponding to the rate. It even gives an estimate of the queue times at each office and the card blocks required to collect the vehicle in question.

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As if that wasn’t enough, provides valuable information to the user so that they can understand exactly how the world of renting works, with explanatory articles about it. Not surprisingly, it has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain.


With a clear focus on young users, offers a wide variety of discounts related to online rental payment, the percentage of which varies based on the country from which we do so. For example, in Spain we can benefit from up to 15 percent if we formalize the payment through the payment gateway of the page. This goes even more if we do it from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or France, with discounts of up to 20 percent.

It is important to note that this website does not apply any surcharge for making any type of change in the reservation and it can be canceled free of charge. Without a doubt, a website to take into account.


For monthly rentals we have Avis, a multinational company with a presence in a lot of countries that stands out for the wide variety of vehicles it offers. However, it also offers part of its fleet destined for the busiest airports in each of these countries. Like many others that have appeared here, it does not apply cancellation fees, but rather makes full refunds.

Its loyalty program offers a €15 discount for the next trip after the second rental and priority when renting a car, with the documentation prepared and the vehicle ready to take. After the third rental, he makes available a coupon for a free weekend.

9.Holiday Autos

This website is characterized by exhibiting a simple and intuitive aspect, with a results page that does not have to envy the vast majority of those that we have seen throughout this post. How can it be otherwise, it offers free cancellation within 24 hours after the rental, as well as having its own application for mobile devices.

Its presence is extensive, with the possibility of visiting more than 170 countries on the planet, and it also offers transfers to and from the airport of the city you are visiting, so versatility is undoubtedly another of its virtues.


The last to appear here is Goldcar, which is a car supplier that cares about always offering the best value for money to customers who trust it. One of its great advantages is that it includes, in its rental price, insurance for the passengers of the vehicle, which is appreciated if a mishap occurs in the form of an accident. The vehicles that make up her fleet are in excellent health and great variety, so it might be a great idea to rely on her for a ride.

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