The 10 best movies about Formula 1

The rivalries between drivers, the figure of a competitor that attracts masses and masses of followers, historical or singular moments… There are many ingredients in the F1 championship that can be the subject of cinematographic work, and this is how directors who have dedicated a part of his work to recreate events that happened in it through a feature film.

As the seventh art is related to anything it sets its mind to, motorsport is no exception., nor is it its most prestigious contest. That being said, at AutoUsaPremium we are going to review the 10 best Formula 1 movies ever made. So if there is one that you do not know, or that you have not seen, you can take note and spend some time that you have free to enjoy it.

Here are some plans: the best movies about F1

Once we have finished with the usual introduction, it is time to take action and describe, roughly, each one of the 10 best films about the most prestigious championship on 4 wheels that have been made. Here we go.


Due to the construction of the story and the development that it has during the plot, Rush is probably the best movie ever made about the Formula 1 championship.. For those who have not seen it, or do not know of its existence, the feature film directed by Ron Howard is about the 1976 season that the Great Circus lived. That course was marked by the fight for the title until the last race fought by Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

As we tell in the biography of the Austrian, that year he suffered the serious accident that could end his life at the old Nurburgring and from which he emerged with burns. That misfortune put an end to his great start to the championship and allowed the Englishman to get close and even surpass him in the drivers’ standings. The outcome is that Hunt ends up taking the cat to the water in Suzuka after Lauda’s refusal to risk his life again in extremely rainy conditions. The message, like that of other cinematographic works, is that life is the most valuable thing we have.


So great is the mark left by Ayrton Senna after losing his life that Sunday in 1994 in Imola that a documentary was dedicated to him. By biographical way, the beginnings of him are reviewed, the most memorable chapters of his time in the championship, the not so good ones, others that were unknown and his march already mentioned when nobody could expect it.

His innate talent for driving in the rain, his intense rivalry with Alain Prost and the 3 titles he won made him one of those drivers who transcended beyond the circuits and that helped popularize motor sport. Those of us who did not see him run were left curious as to how everything would have been with him still with us.

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3. Schumacher

From the bowels of Netflix came the documentary about the greatest. Michael Schumacher is the protagonist of this great work that the popular on-demand content platform undertook. The way in which the Kaiser’s life and sports career is narrated is quite original, since his statements and testimonies from the past are used for it instead of doing it as usual with a voice-over, some of them unpublished.

Obviously, the graphic resources in which he appears date from several years ago, since his family continues to keep silent about how he is doing since he suffered that accident while skiing in 2013. However, his wife and children: the also pilot Mick and Gina-Maria. The first opens up in front of the cameras and confesses how much he misses the plans they made as a family when his father was healthy.

4.Grand Prix

Grand Prix proved in 1966 that giving the spectator the opportunity to feel the intensity and speed of the sport can be very attractive.. This was recognized by the Film Academy by awarding it the Oscars for best editing, sound and sound effects. However, and unlike what has been seen up to now, the characters that star in it are totally fictitious, although they were inspired by real life and there are shots of Juan Manuel Fangio, John Surtees, Jim Clark or Jack Brabham.

With this, there are four characters on which the plot revolves, among which are two drivers from the Ferrari team and another from Jordan. Its purpose is none other than to show the perspective of the runners who fought hard at that time, when the competition was much more dangerous than it is now.


Another documentary that excites any fan of this competition is the one that reviews the role of the Williams family in Formula 1 with the creation of their team. It offers a very intimate look at it, ranging from Frank’s founding of the team until his daughter Claire took control of it. Here there are also interviews with pilots who have passed through the British structure, such as Nigel Mansell or Patrick Head.

In short, it is a great opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of one of the teams with the most constructor champion titles in history. And it is that it was very big and marked an era, do you need more reasons to see it?

6. The weekend of a champion

The filmmaker Roman Polanski has a great friendship with the former driver Jackie Stewart, a relationship that he decided to take advantage of by showing, again through a documentary, what a Formula 1 driver’s weekend is like during a Grand Prix. The story takes place at the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, with Stewart as the main character showing moments of all kinds during the days of one of the events that are always marked in red on the motoring calendar.

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In this way, the spectator can get to know very closely what the pilots feel in their own flesh when they get on and off their single-seaters both before and after a training session or a race. Especially those who lived through that time, since the youngest can choose to see the Drive to Survive docuseries, focused on the present.

7. Ferrari: towards immortality

Lovers of the Prancing Horse have in this report a great opportunity to learn how the fame that characterizes the Italian brand was created within the Formula 1 championship. And it is that it goes back in time to the 50s of the last century, a time when the most prestigious category of motorsport saw the light of day.

It shows the story of ambition and success that Enzo Ferrari tried to instill in what he created, personified in the pair of runners Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, competitive to unsuspected limits and taking maximum risks. Both on Youtube and on Apple TV you can view this audiovisual document that highlights the successful history of Ferrari in the world of motorsports from drama to heartbreak and triumphs bathed in sadness.

8. Fangio

Another legend of this competition that has a dedicated documentary is Juan Manuel Fangio. The Argentine is the protagonist of a review that begins in his beginnings before reaching the F1 World Cup and ends with the 5 titles that he won during his sports career. To show it, the authors make use of statements made by the five-time champion, highly valuable archive images, the testimony of his nephew and pilots (some of whom are also champions) who speak about his figure: Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg.

9. Heroes

With a very different format, Héroes is another documentary that is worth seeing. In it, two championship drivers such as Mikka Hakkinen and Felipe Massa, a legend of the 24 Hours of Le Mans such as Tom Kristensen (9 times champion) and the runner-up in the World Rally Championship Michele Mouton share their own experiences around a round table. The disciplines in which they excelled at the time are very different, but their stories have some points in common.

And it is that 4 of them coincided with Michael Schumacher, so Schumi is, to some extent, another protagonist of this work. It must be said that unpublished images of transcendental moments of their respective careers are shown: the first victory of the flying Finn in Jerez 1997, the announcement of the withdrawal of the Kaiser in Monza 2006 when he shared a team with the Brazilian or when the title escaped him. at Interlagos 2008. If you experienced them on television or on the circuit itself, I’m sure you’ll love it.

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10. McLaren

Mclaren also has a lot to say and tell, and for this reason its founder Bruce is given recognition for his work and life., for which he started far from the elite of the championship and ended up being one of them thanks to the dominant and fast single-seaters that he came to create. Includes testimonials from people close to him.

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