The 10 most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the United States

Leather jackets, tattoos, menacing gaze, extravagant helmets and Harley Davidson (or similar), these are the features with which many of us imagine the biker gangs of the United States thanks to the way in which they appear in many mythical movies. The truth is that some are considered a danger to citizens by the authorities of the North American country.

With that being said, at AutoUsaPremium we are going to talk about the 10 most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the United States. Some are worse than what is assumed on the big screen, with those feature films that have marked generations and generations of moviegoers and spectators of all conditions. They even border on illegality due to the altercations that some of its members are involved in and have been in.

Be very careful with them: the 10 most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the US

After the necessary rigorous introduction to put everything in context, it is time to get down to business and describe these organized groups who are passionate about two wheels and marking territory wherever they go. Did you know some of them? Let’s take a look at the 10 most dangerous motorcycle gangs in America.

1. Hell’s Angels

Also called Hells Angels for its English translation, the Hell’s Angels are the best-known band across the planet, although their origins are somewhat unknown due to the code of silence they try to maintain. Its history on American roads is very extensive since, as is believed, it appeared between the decades of the 40’s and 50’s of the last century in Los Angeles, hence part of its name.

His conflicts with other bands over time is what has mainly built his notoriety and his current reputation., since the media gave a lot of hype to it at the time. His death’s head logo, a copy of the insignia of the Fighter Squadron and the 552 Medium Bomber Squadron, is accompanied on the jackets by his name, written in red letters on a white background.

2. The Mongols

The Mongols/ Los Mongoles/Mongol Nation or Mongol Brotherhood were founded in 1969 in Montebello, in the state of California. As a curiosity, its founders were Hispanic bikers who wanted to enter Hell’s Angels, but were rejected because of their ethnicity. They are characterized by wearing the colors black and white, as well as the fact that their patches bear the name of the Mongols in large black letters.

They are usually dressed in a leather vest and sunglasses, as well as carrying a machete., and are located in the west of the North American country, although they opened borders at the time to Canada, Mexico and Italy. To give you an idea of ​​who they are, the United States Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) carried out an operation in which 4 agents infiltrated it and resulted in 38 arrests, including your president.

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3. Heathens

Pagans or the Pagans appeared a decade before the group we have just talked about, specifically in 1959. It must be said that they did not take too long to expand, since six years later (1965) they were already around the whole country. Maryland was their birthplace and they are distinguished by a patch inspired by Norse mythology: the fire giant Surt.

This mythological character appears sitting on the sun holding a sword with the word Pagans in red, white and blue. Along with this, its members wear iconographies of white supremacy and Nazi insignia on their vests. However, they have also been seen with tattoos with messages ARGO (Ar Go Fuck Yourself) and NUNYA (Business Nun’Ya Fuckin). With the eastern coast as their territory, they have been linked to many crimes: murders, arson, drug trafficking… In 2002 they stayed with the Hell’s Angels to fight in a motorcycle rally, which left 10 injured and one of its members murdered.

4. Outlaws

Next we are going to talk about one of the oldest bands in the United States. Outlaws was founded in 1935 in what is known as Matilda’s Bar, located on Route 66 and in the town of McCook (Illinois).. It must be said that the jacket that Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One was inspired by his patch, which is based on a skull with crossed pistons.

Since they took their first steps more than 80 years ago, they have managed to establish themselves outside the borders of their native country. And it is that they are also based in Australia, Europe, Asia and South America. Its former president, Joseph Bowman, was on the most-wanted criminal list until he was finally arrested in 1999 and later convicted of 3 murders.

5. Children of Silence

Los Hijos del Silencio or Sons of Silence is a band that was founded in Niwot (Colorado) back in 1966. Since then, they have spread throughout the United States, especially in the eastern part of the country. However, in Germany they also have a certain presence. They adopted the Latin motto of “Donec Mors no seperat”, which translates to “Until death do us part”.

Its patch was formed from the American Eagle logo once used by Budweiser with an eagle superimposed over the letter A with their motto placed below. In 1999, 37 of its members were arrested for drug trafficking and weapons possession in what was one of the largest undercover operations by federal agents in Denver. In the raids, ATF seized 9 kilos of methamphetamine, 35 firearms, 4 hand grenades, 2 silencers, cash, and motorcycles.


In 1967, the Warlocks were born in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and, as a curiosity, they grew in members remarkably after the Vietnam War (1955-1975). The vast majority of them are white and are scattered throughout the state where they were born and a good part of the Northeast United States. However, they also have a certain presence in the southeast, as well as abroad thanks to Germany and England.

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Red and white are the colors that identify them and for their logo they use the mythological figure of a winged harpy. Still, they adorn their vests with insignia of white supremacy. In 2008 several of its members were arrested for methamphetamine trafficking, which brought them approximately 9 million dollars.


The year 1954 saw the Highwaymen born in Detroit (Michigan). Their presence is more than notorious due to the state in which they were founded, but they did not stay there and expanded their presence to other places and even to Norway and England. Their defining colors are black and silver, and their logo consists of a winged skeleton wearing a motorcycle cap and leather jacket.

Their mottos are mainly two: “Highwaymen Forever, Forever Highwaymen” and “Yes, even if we roll on the roads in the shadow of death, we fear no evil, because we are the most bastards of the road”. More than 40 of its members were arrested by the FBI after investigating houses and premises of the club. The crimes committed by them included mortgage and insurance fraud, murder, drug trafficking, police bribery, and organized crime.

8. Bandits

With the caricature on its patch of a Mexican with a charro hat, a machete in one hand and a pistol in the other, Bandidos has terrified with its mere presence since it was founded in San Antonio (Texas) back in 1966. Gold and red are its colors because its founder was an army veteran and those were the ones worn in his marine unit.

They have around 90 chapters spread across the US geography and others in the rest of the planet. They are another of the great rivals of the Hell’s Angels and part of its members were allegedly involved in murder, drug trafficking, assault, extortion, possession of weapons and many more.

9.Free Souls

From Oregon come the Free Souls, which were founded at the end of the 60’s. His patch consists of an ankh, a cross-shaped symbol from ancient Egypt placed in the center of a motorcycle wheel. Unlike many of those already explained, they have not spread as much, since all their factions are in Oregon precisely with the exception of one in Vancouver (Canada).

In 2007 three of its members were arrested and charged with various crimes; The evidence contained drugs, weapons, and stolen motorcycles that were seized during the investigation.

10. Vagos Motorcycle Club

The last band to appear here is the Moto Club de los Vagos, which took its first steps in San Bernardino (California) during the 60’s. Its members wear green jackets and vests, as well as a patch of the Norse god Loki on their motorbikes.

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The western United States, Arizona, Nevada and part of Mexico constitute its presence. It has to be said that staged the “largest investigation in the history of Southern California” in 2006 which resulted in 25 arrests for crimes such as methamphetamine production and distribution, murder, money laundering and arms trafficking.

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