The 10 Most Incredible Guinness Records in the Motor world

Two and four wheels are no stranger to adrenaline and the potpourri of emotions that the most passionate people can experience. The sound of an engine, the crazy things that the most talented drivers and pilots are capable of doing and the high speed are just some of the many possibilities that there are to delight in this world that enchants us so much.

And with all this, records can be achieved and have been achieved throughout history, and we are going to talk about that throughout the new AutoUsaPremium entry. To be more exact, we will talk about the 10 most incredible Guinness records in the motor world that have been seen forever. There will be those that you did not know and others that you did, but what is clear is that after reading this post you will be left with your mouth open.

You will not give credit: the 10 most impressive Guinness engine records

Once we have finished the introduction of rigor, it is the ideal moment to take action and list these feats one by one, because they all deserve a special mention for challenging the limits in the broadest sense of the expression. Forever honor their authors and our most heartfelt tribute in the lines that follow.

1. A person was able to push a car for 107 kilometers

The hero who put his name in history was the Croatian Tomislav Lubenjak, a trainer specializing in physical education who fulfilled his firm goal of entering the illustrious book of records. For it, He was pushing a 730-kilo Smart Fortwo in which two people were inside in the seats for about 106,903 kilometers of distance. Can you imagine that you have a problem on the road and have to resort to this solution? Exhausting just by imagining it.

We are talking about a 27-year-old guy, physically well-endowed, who signed his epic in a period of 23 hours and 20 minutes, leaving behind the previous record of a whole day (24 hours) and a distance of 82.28. kilometers the work of a Pole who used the same model of car, but there were not two people inside, contrary to what a Macedonian team did for 95.07 kilometers.

2. Jaguar E-Pace debuts with record 270-degree spin

At its unveiling premiere in London, the Jaguar E-Pace said hello to the world by showing off its versatility. In the English brand they thought that the best way to do it was by spinning during a corkscrew jump, and to give shape to the matter they trusted the specialized stunt pilot Terry Grant, who already had 21 Guinness records behind him and who was able to turn 270 degrees at the controls of this SUV, the largest spin ever done in the air by a production car. What he did was take a run for about 160 meters, experience in his own flesh forces of 5.5 G during the course of the acrobatics and jump a distance of 15.3 meters in length.

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3. Hyundai scores the largest drawing made with tire tracks

This is one of the most emotional that has been achieved due to the intra-history behind it. Hyundai fulfilled the wishes of Stephanie, a young American girl who wanted to send a message of love to her father, an astronaut who, due to his job, doesn’t spend too much time at home with his family and a lot in outer space.

The marketing team of the Korean firm had the magnificent idea of ​​choosing this way as the most original way to convey to the father his daughter’s feelings, or what is the same: from earth to heaven. To get it, used eleven Hyundai Genesis that wrote with their four wheels “Steph loves you” on the dry lake located in Delamar (Nevada, United States). The father received the message from up there, since he was able to read and photograph it from the international space station.

4. BMW skidded more than anyone and twice

BMW stamped its name in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to drifting and Johan Schwartz. Good old Johan got into a BMW M5 and was able to skid for 374 kilometers without stoppingwhich allowed him to blow up the one held by the journalist Jesse Adams with 165 kilometers over six hours with a Toyota GT86.

As if that were not enough, the Bavarian brand took another record in its pocket since that M5 had to be refueled up to five times during the march, thus achieving the record for skidding between two cars located in parallel, for which they had to go at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. It must be said that Johan Schwartz is a pilot specialized in this type of discipline and an instructor for the German brand.

5. 339 hybrid cars for the largest parade in the world

The awareness for the sustainability of the planet that the motor industry has been acquiring over the years has led to such interesting achievements as the one that is going to be discussed. On July 9, 2017, a parade of hybrid cars was organized in Poland that brought together a total of 339 models, an unprecedented number due, in large part, to the consolidated presence of gasoline and diesel as fuels.

The event was organized by the car rental company Panek CarSharing, which was attended by cars such as the Toyota Prius, the Lexus 450H, the Volvo X90 and the Mitsubishi Outlander, among many others. A great idea without a doubt.

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6. Unique hands: narrowest parallel parking in reverse with one maneuver

It is often said that there are Formula One drivers with hands from another planet, but those of the British Alastair Moffatt do not have much to envy them, and that is that aboard a Mini he was able to park in a line in the narrowest place by reversing using only a single maneuver. Besides, he had 34 centimeters left over.

A driving genius, this specialized driver who, surely, will not miss a parking assistance camera in his car, as is customary in the vehicles that we regularly analyze.

7. The fastest moving bed

In an attempt, perhaps, to anticipate the future, the company wanted to do a marketing action through a mobile bed built to measure on the outline of a Ford Mustang GT. He was able to reach a speed of 135 kilometers per hour thanks to Englishman Tom Onslow-Cole at the Emirates Motor Sports Complex track located in the city of Umm Al Quwain (United Arab Emirates) back on December 13, 2016.

As in the case of Hyundai, it went around the world and from the company they managed to get everyone talking about what they had done for a long time.

8. A mosaic full of 1,108 cars

Birthdays must be celebrated in a big way, that is what the leaders of Chevrolet must have thought to celebrate, in 2011, the centenary of the brand. The country chosen for such a feat was Korea and, furthermore, it was proposed to use only models produced in said country.

With this, he was able to gather a total of 1,108 vehicles: 396 Spark, 422 Cruze, 145 Orlando and 145 Captiva. Later, to form the word that gives the house its name, more allies arrived and, finally, 1,143 cars came together to form the term Chevrolet and the number 100 for the final composition.

9. The fastest tractor

In an idea similar to that seen with the bed and, the Top Gear program equipped a tractor called Track-Tor with a V8 engine from Chevrolet of 5.7 liters and 500 CV of power, disc brakes spread over all four wheels, which were competition with 54 inches in the rear area and 20 in front.

The 130 kilometers per hour of the reference mark at that time was too small for the pilot of the program, known colloquially as The Stig, since he reached about 140.45 km/h.

10. A side wheelie for almost 35 kilometers on a quad

The last record that appears here was broken in France, specifically in the great automobile event that is held annually in Mulhouse. It consisted of making the longest side wheelie possible on the back of an all-terrain vehicle for individual use, a kind of quad in other words.

Yannick Dupont was the brave man who achieved it that April 6, 2015, when he had enough skill to travel about 34.3 kilometers doing that aforementioned maneuver. It wasn’t something entirely new to him, having previously ridden another Tandem ATV trailer. If you have read the text, do not try to do it if you have not been trained to do so.

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