What to do if your motorcycle is stolen? The 5 steps to follow

Envy is one of the most practiced sports throughout the planet, and there are many unhappy people who need to hurt or annoy those who “have more” than him/her in many different ways. The means of transport are, in many cases, the object of desire of the criminals who are dancing through the streets: motorcycles, cars, electric scooters, bicycles, etc.

If there is one of them that combines simplicity when it comes to swiping and a certain attraction due to its benefits, that is the motorcycle.. For this reason, at AutoUsaPremium we are going to try to answer a question that perhaps all bikers have asked themselves at some point in their lives: what to do if your motorcycle is stolen. For this post to be truly useful, we will indicate all the steps to follow to recover your battle partner.

Take note: what to do when your motorcycle is stolen in 5 steps

Once we have carried out the rigorous introduction, it is time to take action and go through everything that needs to be done in case you see how your motorcycle has been stolen to recover it as soon as possible. Take note, biker friends.

1. Inform the courts before doing anything

The first thing to do when your motorcycle has been stolen is call the police and go to the police station to file a complaint. This action is essential for several reasons: the agents can locate it before it is taken too far away, it avoids being involved in another crime that is committed on board it, and it is possible to process the claim with the insurance company in case of having included theft in coverage.

2. Contact the insurance company

Once the proof of the complaint filed has been obtained, it is time to contact the insurance company with which, at the time, the motorcycle policy was contracted. This should be done as soon as possible after the theft occurred, since there is a maximum period of 7 days to notify.

As has been dropped at the end of the previous section, There are policies for which you can claim compensation from the insurer for theft or theft of the motorcycle and the damages derived from it by third parties. If the theft has been carried out in the garage of the community in which the user lives, in that case it is also possible to claim the community insurance if this coverage is included.

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In any case, the policy can have infinite conditions and provide coverage to the same extent: from the new value during the first years of its registration, to what is known as market value (the one the motorcycle had for sale at the time prior to being removed). If the motorcycle ends up appearing, the theft coverage also ensures the user the repair of the damages suffered during the time it was stolen, as long as the cost of the motorcycle does not exceed its market value. In this hypothetical scenario, the company pays the compensation corresponding to the total loss.

It must be said that if theft occurs, that is to say, that for example the thieves take the motorcycle after having left the keys on and without having used violence, the insurance does not cover it. Finally, it should also be noted that if you had some belongings inside and they have not appeared, the insurance generally will not cover them either.

3. Deregister the motorcycle in the different registers

To avoid having to pay road tax, it is advisable to deregister, at least temporarily, your motorcycle. Normally, the Civil Guard and the Police where the complaint has gone to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is in charge of that, but it is best to make sure that this has really been the case. You also have to go to the Town Hall of the town of residence to save that tax mentioned at the beginning of this point. In case you find it, registering it again is totally free as long as the theft has been reported before.

4. Communicate with the municipal warehouses in the area

There are times when thieves leave the motorcycle in the lurch once they have stolen it and, in addition, notify the municipal warehouse of the city in question to take it away. It is also possible that, being badly parked, a tow truck has taken it to said deposit. That said, it’s a good idea to phone the local warehouses closest to where the motorcycle was kept to find out if they know its true whereabouts.

5. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet and social networks

Technologies allow us to communicate with anyone, regardless of the place from which they read or write to us. That said, social networks and forums specialized in motorcycles are powerful speakers to tell your situation in all kinds of detail and, in this way, get people to echo and collaborate in your search.

Counting all the details on the networks, including those of your motorcycle, it will make it easier for any user to find it by chance, notify you by means of a message and you will have another way to solve this problem.. Online second-hand motorcycle stores are another option, either to find it if the thieves had put it up for sale, or to take a look at another model that you like and be able to buy it at a certainly reasonable price.

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How to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen

As prevention is always better than cure, it is also convenient to know what tips can be applied to avoid having to deal with a motorcycle theft. They will surely save you more than one upset.

1. Provide the motorcycle with protection elements

There are options to provide protection to your motorcycle so that thieves are not able to take it from you while you are doing other things. In addition to blocking the handlebar, it is advisable to take other additional measures to heal yourself, since it is easy to break. Those additional measures may include placing a caliper on the brake disc, as well as winding a case-hardened steel chain onto the chassis. And it is that the latter presents more resistance to cutting than a radial.

2. If possible, tie it to a place or another vehicle

A motorcycle that is not tied down is a piece of cake for criminals, that if there are several of them, they can perfectly pick her up and put her in a van before fleeing. Of course, you have to take into account that if you hitch the motorcycle to a public object you can get a fine for the face since that is prohibited. That being said, the best thing is that if you have a friend who parks his motorcycle on the same street, you agree with him and tie your companions together.

3. Use anti-theft applications to heal yourself in health

The development of new technologies have also allowed the rise of applications that are responsible for preventing your motorcycle from being stolen. To do this, they are equipped with systems that notify you just when the motorcycle moves after having been parked. That said, a message received on time from them and the corresponding alert of what is happening can prevent you from getting upset of biblical proportions.

4. Put a current breaker

This system to prevent theft is very classic and it must be said that it can also be installed in cars. It consists of a hidden button that acts as a circuit breaker in the ignition of the motorcycle. Thanks to it, thieves can be dizzy so that they cannot tear it off and take it directly. It can be placed if you go to specialized workshops.

5. Leave it in a garage with cameras if possible

Whether in an underground car park or in the garage of your own building or house, leaving the motorcycle covered avoids certain temptations for thieves to steal it from you. After all, it will be more difficult for them to access any of those places in question than if they see it on the street. In addition, if there are cameras, you will already have evidence to prove that the theft has indeed been carried out. Of course, it is not a guarantee that your motorcycle will not be stolen.

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6. Install a GPS locator on the motorcycle

If the motorcycle has a GPS tracker installed, you will be able to track your motorcycle before thieves realize it and prepare to uninstall it. However, it gives more guarantees of a solution to notify the Police than to go on an adventure and on your own to recover it.

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